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Notice - Moving Journals


I've decided to use my main livejournal as the home base for all my sims stuff. At the time I thought a community was the way to go, but now I'm not so sure anymore. And it's lots easier to set up a cross-post between LJ and DW this way.

This doesn't mean everything I posted here will be gone or moved. Everything that's here will stay here, I just won't update here anymore :) The new stuff will be cross-posted at both my livejournal (keoni_chan) and my dreamwidth (
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RRL: The Loveland Legacy - Gen 2.0

Some of you might not know, but I'm playing a Simblr Round Robin Legacy. As you all know, I'm dreadful at finishing things, but one generations should be manageable. Or so I think anyway. The Gen 2 heir, Colin, was lovingly raised by slyndsey.
In this round Colin has to learn to prepare all meals and win a cooking competition using his awesome cooking skills. Let's get to it.
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